Ears, Nose & Throat

In a field of many, Lily Medical stands out as a leader in the area of instruments for the surgical care of patients. From customizable macro and micro liposuction cannulas, not only for body sculpting, but also for augmentation via our CellProtective fat transfer instruments, to our line of basic instruments all surgeons need to have.
Developed by plastic surgeons that use the instruments on a daily basis with three key concepts in mind. Innovation in providing soft/gentle tissue handling, ergonomic designs to provide seamless utilization, and aesthetic manufacturing.
We offer the following products:
ar specula, tuning forks, Ear polypus snares , ear forceps, Ear-sickle knifes, round knifes ,ear curettes , Paracentesis needles and raspatories, nasal specula nasal cutting forceps, Punches sphenoid bone, knives, adenoid curettes, Septum elevators, saws , nasal rasps , tonsil instruments, Micro-instruments for laryngo-broncho-oesophagoscopy, Laryngeal polypus forceps

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