Micro, Neuro and Vascular Surgery

In a field of many, Lily Medical stands out as a leader in the area of instruments for the surgical care of patients. From customizable macro and micro liposuction cannulas, not only for body sculpting, but also for augmentation via our CellProtective fat transfer instruments, to our line of basic instruments all surgeons need to have.
Developed by plastic surgeons that use the instruments on a daily basis with three key concepts in mind. Innovation in providing soft/gentle tissue handling, ergonomic designs to provide seamless utilization, and aesthetic manufacturing.
We offer the following products:
McKenzie instruments, Clips and applying forceps, vessel , Approximators, clips, Applying forceps for Yasargil clips, Aneurysm vessel-clips, Approximators, Biemer clips, Muller clips, Nerve hooks – Brain spatulas, Nerve hooks – Dura hooks – Dura knives , Neuro-micro instruments pg537, Neuro-dissectors and curettes scissors and needle holders, Neuro-needle holders and forceps, Micro scissors with round handle, Fixation forceps – Vascular dilators, hand drills , twist drills- reamers – cervical traction tongs, Instruments for cranial opening

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